The Prince of Wales visits Frank's Ice Cream

The Prince of Wales concluded his tour of Wales with a visit to an ice cream factory.

A special flavour ice cream was created to tempt the His Royal Highness's taste buds during the final visit in the week-long summer tour.

Joe Dallavalle, 85, who headed the firm for 40 years, said: "We didn't know even if he likes ice cream but everyone knows he likes bara brith so we created a new flavour," he said.

His Royal Highness said: “Before I go I just want to say how thrilled I have been to have this brief opportunity to visit Frank's ice cream emporium. I shall leave here now having discovered a brand new experience which is clotted cream ice-cream, I think that that deserves an award”, he added.

The prince also unveiled a commemorative plaque and signed the visitors book.

As he left The Prince was presented with a solid silver ice cream scoop specially made by jeweller Mari Thomas. "Fantastic," said the Prince, as he took it out of the presentation box. "It will also double as a tie-pin," he joked, holding it up in front of his shirt.

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