Customer reviews
Your diabetic strawberry ice cream is every bit as delicious as your diabetic vanilla ice cream and would love to get more Pauline Dinner July 2014
Thank you for making the new strawberry flavored diabetic ice cream, I hope that in time you will make mint as well. I even let non diabetic people try it and they love how good it is Lisa Stevens June 2014
I just wanted to say thanks...very impressed with your diabetic ice cream, my son and grandson are both type 1 diabetics I am so grateful that they can enjoy the treat of an ice cream. Thanks again from a grateful mother and nanny Anita George June 2014
I have recently purchased your diabetic vanilla ice cream, I just felt I had to email you to say how amazed I was and how absolutely delicious it is. It is the best ice cream I have tried and will definitely be buying it again. Thank you very much Niki Harrod March 2014
I have just purchased your Diabetic Ice cream…what a treat…and tastes perfect. Thankyou. Shirley Roberts March 2014
It is quite simply a delicious, creamy vanilla ice cream. It isn't too sweet and there is no nasty aftertaste that you occasionally get with the sweeteners used in 'diabetic' products. To be honest you would be hard pressed to distinguish this from any good quality creamy vanilla ice cream. Susan Lesley July 2009