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What our customers think of our ice cream

British and European Cup Winners proudly made in Wales

During my lockdown one kind neighbour has been taking care of my shopping. Included on my grocery list was vanilla ice-cream, which when delivered was a tub of "Franks". I was so impressed with the flavour, which instantly took me back to childhood memories, of hot summers days waiting for the ice cream van, which served up home made Italian Ice Cream. My next order I shall specify Franks Vanilla Ice-Cream!

It is quite simply a delicious, creamy vanilla ice cream. It isn't too sweet and there is no nasty aftertaste that you occasionally get with the sweeteners used in 'diabetic' products. To be honest you would be hard pressed to distinguish this from any good quality creamy vanilla ice cream.

II'm writing on behalf of the patients at Linden Lodge. We love your vanilla ice cream so thanks for that. One thing that would make us even happier is if we also had a chocolate flavour option. All the best from the patients and staff.

My mum has recently come out of hospital (UHW) and has been saying how much she liked your ice cream and yoghurts.

My mum is diabetic, 83 and lives in the Isle of Man. Frank's is the only ice cream she can have, in fact it's the only dessert at all she can have.

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