Britain’s Best Ice Cream 2014

Frank’s Vanilla wins Britain’s Best Ice Cream 2014.  The prestigious Champion of Champions title is awarded at the national ice cream competition run by the ice cream alliance, with companies competing from all parts of the UK.

With over 80 years of winning regional, national and international awards to their name it’s little wonder Frank’s has long been acknowledged as one of the UK's leading manufacturers of premium dairy ice cream.

Established back in 1920, Frank’s add a touch of Italian flair and passion to the art of making delicious ice cream, with traditional recipes and some of the finest Welsh ingredients to create a taste you'll never forget.


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Frank’s Ice Cream is now available in most major supermarket chains in the UK including Tesco, Morrisons, Asda, Waitrose, Nisa and Costcutter, and in Ireland including Tesco, Dunnes, Aldi, Supervalu and Centra – making it easier than ever to buy their products.

The company also supplies own label ice cream to national supermarkets and is a major supplier into schools and hospitals nationwide.

Frank's modern purpose built factory in South Wales meets BRC 6 Global Food Standards and fully conforms to all appropriate food safety legislation.

Follow Frank’s on Facebook and Twitter to be kept up-to-date with the latest news. 

Franks Ice cream - Mint choc chip & Strawberry